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Sunday, March 25, 2012

China Trip (December, 2011)

Sorry for the late update. Here’s a complete notes on our recent (d'uh its already March, 2012!) trip to China. If you personally ask me whether I want to come again to China (particularly Shenzhen), I would say NO. Teehee. But if you have never been to China, it’s a good experience to know about their culture, their foods, their places of interests etc. For those yang cerewet pasal makan while traveling, please bring your own comfort food (like serunding daging, sambal bilis, kicap etc). It is also a well-known place for shopping, as you could find almost everything under one roof in China, with a cheaper price if I may add. The key words are : you-must-bargain-when-purchasing!

Note : please bear in mind, imitation things are everywhere, tepuk dada, tanya selera. The weather in Guangzhou is generally lagi sejuk berbanding Shenzhen and Hong Kong. All in all, it was a nice experience in China. I may conclude, if you go anywhere with your beloveds you will feel great! That’s the key :)

01.12.2011 (Thursday) (Malaysia – Shenzhen – Guangzhou)

LCCT – Shenzhen : 6.25am

Arrived at Shenzhen International Airport at 10.30am
Temp. 16c
- Own breakfast on the flight (provided)

- From Shenzen to Guangzhou (2 hours journey by bus)
- Lunch at Abdullah Restaurant (Muslim Restaurant)
- Shopping at wholesale – One Link International Plaza
- Shopping at Beijing Lu – bought Chinese pant for me and cheongsam for Khayra. 
- Dinner at Abdullah Restaurant
- Check in hotel : LONG ZHOU HOTEL – nice and big hotel room. But the hotel’s cafĂ© did not provide halal food.

Beijing Lu – Day 1

02.12.2011 (Friday) (Guangzhou)
Temp. 8c
- Own breakfast 
- Jade and diamond centre
- Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
- Sculpture of Five Rams (5 goats statue/park)
- Lunch at Abdullah Restaurant
- Hui Sheng Mosque : performed our solat qasar & jamak here
- Makam sahabat Rasullulah S.A.W. – Saad Bin Abi Waqas (Al-Fatihah)
- Wholesale textile centre – 
You may find textile; Chinese silk, Chinese comforter set, bed sheets, table cloth etc.
- Dinner at Muslim Restaurant
- Night River Cruise (CNY150 per person – Adult / CNY100 per person – Child above 3 years old)

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Sculpture of Five Rams

Hui Sheng Mosque

Al-Fatihah : Makam Sahabat Rasullullah SAW – Saad Bin Abi Waqas

Kesejukan dibumi Guangzhou : Lil Niece & Lil Darling

Night River Cruise

03.12.2011 (Saturday) (Guangzhou – Shenzhen)

Temp. 8c
- Own breakfast. Checked out LONG ZHOU HOTEL
- Trip to Shenzhen (2 hours journey by bus)
- Chinese medicine shop
- Lunch at Muslim Restaurant
- Splendid China & China Folk Cultural Village (China’s monument)
- Check-in and dinner at MUSLIM HOTEL

Splendid China (China's monuments)

BEFORE : Chinese Folk Art – doing his quick silhouette; by Mr. Luiqipei

AFTER : Chinese Folk Art – impressive work in just a minute! Costs us CNY40 only

04.12.2011 (Sunday) (Shenzhen)

Temp. 13c
- Breakfast at Muslim Hotel
- Lotus Hills Park
- Trip to Shenzhen Mosque
- Jade Cultural Centre
- Lunch and solat at Muslim Restaurant
- Window of the World (World’s monument)
- Shopping at Dongmen Street

Lotus Hill Park

Window of the World (World’s monuments) : Niagara Falls

Window of the World (World’s monuments) : Eiffel Tower

05.12.2011 (Monday) (Shenzhen – Hong Kong)
Temp. 18c
- Breakfast at Muslim Hotel
- Shenzhen to Hong Kong (Disneyland)

  : 2 different immigrations (China and Hong Kong)
- Hong Kong (Disneyland) (11am – 6pm)
- Dinner at Muslim Hotel

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

06.12.2011 (Tuesday) (Shenzhen – Malaysia)
Temp. 18c
- Breakfast at Muslim Hotel
- Checkout from Muslim Hotel
- Luo Hu Plaza shopping centre (11am – 4pm)
- Late lunch and solat at Muslim Restaurant
- To Shenzhen International Airport (Departure at 9.30pm)
- Meal provided on flight

- Arrived Malaysia (LCCT) at 1.30am

Luo Ho Plaza