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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Activities For Kids (8)

We love books and it is no doubt that kami adalah the book hoarder! Haha. Kalau gi BBW tu memang rasa bahagia semacam bila dapat beli buku murah :P

I noticed that both of my lil girls also love books as much as we do. Ini antara koleksi buku-buku Dora yang both Khayra and Hafiya sayang sangat. I love the Ready – To – Read book series tu, sebab kreatif juga penyampaian dia untuk kanak-kanak membaca. So far memang semua hasil belian kat BBW. Kalau jumpa series ni, memang wajib beli. Hafiya tiap-tiap hari ambil buku ni nak baca.

Aktiviti seterusnya is Alphabet books for Khayra. Balik school, dia kena tulis huruf and it stands for what and kena lukis dan colour. So ibu dia atau abah dia kena jadi teacher, kena tanda buku tersebut. Haha. We keep on monitoring her handwriting, so kalau tulis cantik akan dapat star. To make it more fun, I bought several patterns of Reward Stickers and Reward Stamp for them. So bila diorang buat activity books, bila dapat Reward Sticker, happy sangat budak-budak kecik tu. Ni sebagai umpan juga supaya dia buat kerja sunguh-sungguh – psychology :P

No doubt that this mom a.k.a teacher at home also a sticker hoarder :P
(memang hobi dari kecil suka kumpul sticker. LOL)

Ibu pun ada buat aktiviti ni masa sekolah rendah, ukir kat potatos and chop chop chop. Masa dalam gambar ni, Khayra was about 3yo+ sebab adik Hafiya kecil lagi to join. Masa ni juga kita ajar about shapes, so I ukir potato tu bentuk triangle, rectangle, square etc.

Ini koleksi peribadi Khayra yang paling dia sayang – figurine Princesses, Elsa and Anna, Sofia The First and comes with two clip on dresses. Memang kusyuk kalau dia main ni. Now Hafiya pun join sama dah main sekali dengan castle yang Pak Long diorang bagi for birthday present :D

Ini aktiviti baking dengan Khayra – buat chocolate cupcakes. Suka sangat dia bila dapat decorate cupcakes sendiri.

Sekian sahaja untuk laporan bergambar kali ini :D

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Admitted: Kay Tee Ess

Khayra has been admitted in Kay Tee Ess (K*TS) on 25.08.2015 until 27.08.2015. It all started on Monday - after attending her music class, I noticed Khayra batuk. She slept as usual at 9pm; my daughters' usual time to sleep during weekdays. At 12am she woke up and cried sebab katanya tak selesa nak tidur. I put on some vicks and she went back to sleep again. At 2am she woke up again, feeling discomfort and we decided to bring her to Intan straightaway. She went to Intan with hubs and I stayed at home with Hafiya sebab Hafiya tidur and hujan renyai. We thought it would be hassle if angkut semua pergi. Hubs WA and told me that Doctor kata just batuk kahak and gave her a round of nebulizer. At this point, we were informed that her lungs and everything was clear. Alhamdulillah. Back from Intan, she slept soundly but at 4am she woke up and cry; feeling discomfort again. I tried the stim wap technique (air panas + a few drops of minyak herba bayi Amway) and alhamdulillah she was getting better - no more chesty cough at that moment (she threw up twice and felt better so she could sleep well after that).

We decided not to send her to school that day and she stayed with my mom as I cannot take leave (appointments, advise to release yada yada yada). I went to send Hafiya to school and decided to go to Khayra's primary school for next year as we need to confirm on the acceptance as soon as possible.

At 9.30am, I received a call from my mom and she told me that Khayra was feeling uncomfortable, her coughing was bad and she was crying. Hubs was having stand down for his trial and we texted each other and decided to bring Khayra to Kay Tee Ess. I went to office for half an hour to reschedule my appointments and to pass a few tasks to my staffs. My mom and my younger brother brought Khayra to Kay Tee Ess and we met there.

We met the Pediatrician, Dr. M*ohammad S*alehuddin and after checking up on Khayra's condition and listening to my story, he seemed not happy. He brought us to initiate the nebulizer and in the midst of it, he said that he wanted to run a few tests, to do the x-ray, blood test and to admit Khayra straightaway. I macam redha je at that point of time so we went for registration and they gave us a single ward at Level 3.

Day 1

Nebulizer was initiated every 1 hour for the first 3 hours followed by every 2 hour until day 2. Magnesium was given in the evening together with Singulair 4mg. PCM suppository was inserted as she was having fever at 10.30am (38.4°C). Drip injection at 2.00pm inserted for antibiotik every 12 hour and Hydrocort for every 6 hour. Blood tests were conducted. Several rounds of Paed's and nurses visit. At 12 noon : her temperature was 37.8°C.

(I jotted down everything here, please excuse this paranoid mom)

I immediately applied for leave from Dato' Boss and notified Khayra's teacher, her daycare and our closed family members.

Hubs came during lunch hour and I went back with my mom to pack things for our hospital use. I came back at 3.00pm and hubs took care of Hafiya at home.

The day marked in my diary - my first day in my life sleeping in the hospital ward for accompanying a patient (sleeping in the ward twice for labour didn't count ya). As the neb and the medicine were scheduled for specific time, we didn't really get proper sleep that night.

We were informed that from the x-ray and blood tests, there was lung infection. However test for Mycoplasma was negative. Khayra has been admitted for 3 days in November, 2013 and had been diagnosed with 
Mycoplasma infection. More on Mycoplasma can be read here.

Admitted in 2015

Admitted in 2013 - Mycoplasma infection

Admitted in 2015 - playing with Shopkins :P

Day 2

In the morning - nebulizer was initiated for every 2 hour, PCM for every 6 hour and Hydrocort for every 6 hour.

I went to the office at 10.00am and hubs took turn to accompany Khayra. Met a little 2yo boy at the lift and he asked me to carry him - according to her mom, he was being admitted for kidney's infection and it was his 3rd day in the hospital. When I entered the lift, air mata dah bergenang sebab kesian and at that particular moment I was missing Hafiya badly as I didn't get to see her since we checked in hospital yesterday. Settled a few tasks in the office and went back to Kay Tee Ess during lunch hour.

Paeds visit : still feverish, her lung was in stable condition (before this macam saluran sempit and causing breathing discomfort). Neb was reduced to every 5 hour, PCM for every 6 hour, Prednisolone 3ml and Singulair 4mg in the evening.

Hafiya came for a while during the evening to meet me and she cried loudly when we bid goodbyes T_______T

Since the medications and nebulizer were reduced to a longer time, we had good sleep that night. The drip at Khayra's hand was removed sebab tangan dia bengkak sikit and later on she just took the medicines via syringe.

Day 3

Prednisolone (paru paru) 3ml (corticosteroids)
PCM 4ml
Singulair 4mg
Antibiotik 5ml (Cephalexin 250mg Syrup)
Nebulizer (every 5hour) (ventolin)

Khayra's condition was recovering. Hubs went to see Mrs. W to update on Khayra’s condition and asked on her syllabus. We were discharged from ward after taking neb at 8pm. Having said that we have been scheduled for an outpatient treatment (nebulizer) 3x a day (8am, 4pm and 10pm) for three days and follow up with Paed as soon as the nebulizer’s schedule was completed.

From Paed’s examination, it was concluded that Khayra was diagnosed with “Billateral Bronchopneumonia changes with pulmonary hyperinflation and air bronchogram”. More on Bronchopneumonia can be read here

We were scheduled for next appointment on this coming Sunday and during our previous visit, the Paed gave another antibiotic (Klacid) as Khayra was still having fever (on and off fever).

We wish to thank our family members who always be there for us especially our beloved parents. Thank you for those who called, texted and dropped by to visit Khayra. Thank you for all your prayers.

I missed this Lil Girl, Hafiya a lot during my stayed at Kay Tee Ess. Tahap nangis sikit. Tsk.

Semoga Allah ampunkan dosa-dosa kami kerana anak kecil kami masih suci dari dosa.