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Monday, May 25, 2009

Much Love

You know you are facing new experiences in expecting a bundle of joy from your marriage when…

  1. Your beloved Husband talks to your tummy;

  2. Your tummy is getting bigger and you spend on new clothes and pants every trimesters;

  3. You have to go for maternity checkups and can’t wait to ‘see’ your lil one on the screen every month in your 1st and 2nd trimester, twice a month in your 3rd trimester and every week thereafter;

  4. You love to eat, and eat, and eat, making you put on weight by 20+ kilos;

  5. Your beloved Abah says: “Abah mop lantai kat bawah sebab air siram pokok, so be careful sebab lantai bawah licin, kalau boleh jangan turun.”;

  6. When you crave and feel like eating certain food, your beloved Ummi will prepare it especially for you; eventhough you only mentioned it in casual conversations with your mum;

  7. Your big brother will say: “Lantai licin, jalan baik-baik.” during a rainy day;

  8. Your staff and colleague do not allow you to carry heavy files and help you to minimize your workload at the office;

  9. You enjoy slow walks and chit-chatting with your beloved Husband at the recreational park near Bank Negara Malaysia (Terengganu branch) as prenatal exercise during the weekend;

  10. Your beloved Husband restricts you from doing any house chores and he himself would do it for you and insists that you to take a good rest;

  11. You actually can ‘touch’ your lil one when he/she is moving and kicking actively inside you;

  12. Your best friends will ask you, “Baby boy or baby girl?”;

  13. Your mother-in-law calls you just to ask, “How are you today?”;

  14. When you had to line up to redeem your S*ogo Voucher, the Sale Promoter comes to you, smile and say, “Pregnant ya? Puan boleh terus ke depan sekali ikut saya.”

  15. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, you are treated as a PRINCESS 24/7. (Teehee!)

Ok, just wanna share photos that were taken during Majlis Tahlil, Solat Hajat, Doa Selamat & Bacaan Yasin which was held at my parents house on 01.05.2009 and at my parents-in-law's on 09.05.2009. Majlis diadakan sempena mendoakan agar saya dan baby (dan juga untuk kakak ipar saya dan baby) selamat dan baik-baik saja nanti. Amin!

* Gambar sekitar majlis doa selamat, tahlil, solat hajat di rumah parents saya. Tengok Dearest Hubby kusyuk berdoa untuk wifey dan baby.

1. My Lil Niece yang adorable.

2. Kami adik-beradik, si kecil Aisyah dan Abah bergambar bersama Tok Arab(s) [duduk yang ke-2 & ke-3 dari kiri] yang datang ketika majlis dan katanya mahu bergambar untuk tatapan keluarga mereka di Mesir nanti.

3. Far dan Asril yang juga turut hadir. Tengokla saya, membesar kan?

1. Aisyah yang bermata bulat. Comelness!

2. Gambar family tersayang.

3. Gambar bersama Suami. Saya ketika ini = 30 minggu.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Let’s be random lah today, shall we? ;

1. Although my status at
Facebook is as stated, I could not get my mind to concentrate solely on the bundle of works in front of me. Heh. So here I am blogging from my office. *Dan masih kekenyangan lunch dengan Far tadi. heh.

2. Its already coming to my 8-month of pregnancy but it just could not make me stop from being away for a short holiday. I just had my own sweet time by spending 4
days and 3 nights at this lovely place with the Dearie Husband. Seronok lah!

3. Woah, workloads at the office are increasing day by day. Camana saya mahu berpantang dengan aman nanti ya? Yesterday alone the Bank Officer came to my office personally with her Big Boss just only to pass over new instructions to me (mind you the word is plural, huh?) and starting from 9.00 am, I had appointments with Clients, Bankers and Legal Executives which only last until 3.45 pm. Then I resumed works before I went off from the office at 4.45 pm to meet my dear Srikandi friend.

4. Speaking of this person
we haven’t meet each other for about 10 years time! However we did contact each other through phone, sms, email and etc. Alhamdulillah, He gave us space and the opportunity to meet and catch things up yesterday. Yes, Ayuni we did enjoy our aiskrim goreng at the same place I brought you last few weeks. Yummies!

5. When Linda told that
Zulus, her Husband, has updated on Kip & Adis wedding [Tahniah Kip & Adis!], saya sungguh excited demi melihat gambar-gambar terbaru sahabat-sahabat saya itu yang kini menghitung hari juga untuk bergelar ibu. Ya, kami bersahabat baik, [back then in UiTM] tinggal serumah, tidur sebilik, rakan sekelas, rakan satu firma (hons) dan kini sama-sama expecting for our first baby! Indah sungguh kan percaturan hidup yang Allah tetapkan untuk kami. Alhamdulillah!

6. I just realized that pada setiap hari bekerja, saya akan ‘mendaki’ 40 anak tangga untuk menuju ke bilik saya ini. Jadi, untuk setiap hari bekerja, sekurang-kurangnya 80 anak tangga saya naiki (sewaktu datang ke pejabat di awal pagi dan sewaktu mahu pulang). Itu kira minimum lah. Belum campur turun naik tangga untuk keluar lunch, keluar minum petang, bila mana Boss panggil, bila kena berurusan dengan bahagian akaun di Tingkat 1, bila adanya Client di bilik mesyuarat di Tingkat 1, bila kena naik Tingkat 3 and the list goes on. Hubby Dearie, cukup kah ‘exercise’ saya ni? Hahah!

7. Enough for today. Busy mode is activated now. *Sigh*

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cos You're The Best Mom In The World

"You were there for me my first day of school, to hold my hand and give me courage to go.
You listened to me when I needed to talk, you talked to me when I needed to listen.
You let me grow and learn from my own mistakes.
You never left my side when I was feeling down, I knew you would be there to pick me up.
I wish there was a way I could repay all the things you have done for me, but there's nothing great enough to repay the greatest mother of all."

Dearest our beloveds Mama and Ummi,
We loved you yesterday, we love you tomorrow and everyday.
Happy Mother's Day!
*10th May 2009*

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Which will it be...?

Hazri Jr., or...

... Wahida Jr. ?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love From the Heart

Yes Anis, we have already did our shopping for the baby. So here are the things that we have already bought.

1. Some stuffs were bought here. 2. Booties, mittens & newborn socks.
3. Baby box. 4. Baby wipes. 5. Baby bottles.

1. Kiddi wash. 2. Diapers. 3. Baby Bath Towel.

More on baby booties, mittens & socks. 2. Baby clothes. 3. Mummy's thingy. heh.

Some of the books that I read during this pregnancy.

We also already have sponsors (thank you!) for the below items :-

1. Baby Cot;
2. Baby Car Seat(s);
3. Baby Stroller;
4. Baby Cupboard; and
5. Baby Bedding Set.

And other things like Baby Bath Set, Mosquito Set, Baby Binder and other necessary small thingy (yet important) had been purchased.

I must admit in purchasing for our baby stuffs, I went crazy with all the cutey-mutey things. Semua rasa nak beli. Heh. I did my shopping with my favourite persons in my life; my Dearest Husband and my beloved Umi. And for every single cent that I threw on the baby stuffs, I did not compromise at all. Throughout this pregnancy, Allah memberi rezeki yang baik kepada saya where I could give more cash to my parents on monthly basis and also gave some out of it to my parents-in-law when they were leaving for holidays and save some more for the future. Saya kira ini rezeki baby, so I bought the best things for the baby.

Kawan saya pernah cakap, kalau pakai diapers Mamy Poko, lama-lama Papa pokai. Tapi saya beli juga diapers Mamy Poko sebab saya percaya itu yang terbaik. Memang dari segi harga, Mamy Poko is the pricey one compared to Huggies or others. Saya rasa ini rezeki baby, jadi saya tak berkompromi even it is pakai buang concept. Nanti bila-bila saya rasa tak mampu, saya tukarlah jenama lain. Ada juga orang cakap, brand Tollyjoy mahal untuk baby stuffs, tapi saya beli juga jenama itu sebab saya rasa clothes, mittens & booties Tollyjoy sangat comfy dan lembut. Betul kata kawan-kawan saya kalau ada baby, memang banyak berhabis untuk baby tapi tak mengapa lah, ini kan rezeki Allah.

Please don’t get me wrong, we work everything within the budget (insyaAllah) so we will be okay, insyaAllah. Besides this is the first experience for this mother-to-be and a father-to-be, please blame on the excitement and adrenaline that we share to meet and to welcome our bundle of joy. Is that a [good] reason enough? Ngee.

And yes, we already have 3 different doctors who had confirmed on our baby’s gender and all of them were giving the same opinion relating to it. However I choose not to reveal it here (yet, maybe?) until the baby is safely born (Amin!). Surprise la sikit. Hehe. Now both parents-to-be are busy finding out a name for the baby. Bukan mudah rupanya pilih nama ni, but somehow it is very interesting thing to do together. Heh.

Owh, I think I should stop here cos on my table right now a lot of new portfolios (Alhamdulillah, atas rezeki yang diberi) that I have to attend to. Till then peeps!