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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Happy Mother-To-Be


1. Saya amat tidak rajin untuk update laman maya ini (perkataan ‘m@l@s’ dihindarkan di sini, nanti baby dengar, no, no, no. heh).

2. Linda cakap her baby nowadays kicking actively and duduk senget ke sebelah kiri which makes her uncomfortable. Hihi. Mine? Baby behaves and still maintain at the right position dan tidak senget ke sebelah mana-mana. Heh. Jika baby duduk senget sekalipun, baby cepat2 ‘menggeliat’ dan tukar to his/her normal position. Far and Linda assumed these on my baby;

(a) Far : “Baby awak dari dalam perut lagi baik sebab tu dia duduk baik.”
(b) Linda : “Baby ko sopan - sopan macam ko gak kot.”

Heh, rasa happy bila mendengarnya. *smile*

3. It’s coming to my 38 weeks and if this baby really follows my EDD, we will be seeing and welcoming this baby in less than 10 days! *excited*

4. We have already set up the baby cot yesterday and it was fun decorating and made a final touch to it with the Dearie Hubby and my Parents. *enjoyed*

5. I got 2 days of medical leave last week kerana kaki yang bengkak (water retention) and the doctor said : “Baby dah matured, position dah ok and tunggu masa je nk keluar.” We just went like, “Woah, this soon?!” Some of the makcik - makcik said (at least they believe so), “Sesetengah orang, bila kaki dh bengkak, itu tanda tak lama dah baby nk lahir.”

6. I did not have the opportunity to update on my birthday celebration but all in all it was a blast one, surrounded with all people I love the most : my husband, my family, my siblings, my in laws and my Lil niece. My husband even ‘kantoied’ himself with the Big Boss when he went out to buy flowers for me and as usual, I cried when I read birthday card from the beloved Husband. I do not know why, but my Husband always wins my heart through his simple writings. *Love*

7. During this final week (if I could say so) I am quite busy updating the files and cases so that during my confinement, I would not be bothered with the office calls (owh, how I wish it will come true!). And yes, I strongly believe that the Boss has made the best plan for me and chose the right and the most eligible person to take over my place within those 2 months. *Big applause*

*And yes Dear Readers please pray for this mother-to-be and the baby, ok?

Thank you.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

“I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do best isn't very nice”

When I first heard the news that a whole movie on Wolverine was in the making, it sounded very promising, seeing that ‘character-driven’ superhero dramas, such as the Batman (Batman Begins & the Dark Knight) and Spider-Man (Spidey 1 and Spidey 2, not much Spidey 3) franchises were such big hits. The thought of the origin of the most popular member of the X-Men being portrayed in the silver screen was something to look forward to.

Unfortunately the movie, which was supposed to be a solo spin-off, became a movie of ‘unnecessary cameos’. The movie fell prey to the “Venom Syndrome” – a movie syndrome named after Venom's (Spider-Man's greatest rival) role in Spider-Man 3.
Note: Venom Syndrome: Any time a popular character with a large fan base is put in a film, but is not treated in a manner deserving of his/her status among fans

Famous characters such as Gambit, The Blob, Emma Frost and Cyclops (to name a few) were brought into the picture - characters which were not really related to the origins of Wolverine (at least not to the extent portrayed in the movie). Understandably, these characters were added to ensure that fans (especially those who do not care less about Wolverine) would also pay to see the movie, however these characters did not really add to the plot – they only get to showcase their powers for a couple of time – at the end of the movie, they become what my brother-in-law calls… the forgetfuls (i.e. the forgettables).

The movie also did not stay true to the real origins of Wolverine… there were too many plots that either do not make sense or were entirely made up; too many characters which do not jive into the story line and the timeline do not really tally.
Note: for those who are interested to learn the real origins of Wolverine: Click_here,_Bub!.

So in the end, the movie failed where Batman Begins / The Dark Knight succeeded… It became only a comic book movie that requires you to leave your brain at home... a good ol' action-pumped popcorn movie.

But the movie was not all bad… I enjoyed the actions and special effects... though for me, the battle between Wolverine and Sabretooth (and Deadpool) could have been ‘more violent’ (Wolverine uses adamantium claws… Sabretooth has nail claws… and yet no drop of blood… at all… uncanny indeed).

Also despite my earlier critique, I actually took pleasure in ‘searching’ for cameos – I even looked for the leaked workprint version of the movie so that I can watch the movie again in slow-motion to seek out the ‘hidden’ superheroes… So after a rigorous and time-wasting search, these are my ‘hunt trophies’…


WOLVERINE was decently potrayed by Hugh Jackman. However I thought the character was potrayed as being 'too nice'. Also, a lot of events from his origins were left out

Liev Shcreiber's performance as SABRETOOTH was commendable but similar to Wolverine, the character lacked the element of bestiality, unlike the Sabretooth (played by Tyler Mane) in first X-Men movie.


WILLIAM STRYKER played by Danny Huston. However in the comics, it is true that Stryker was involved in the Weapon X project but not not to the extent potrayed in the movie

There are a lot of dissatisfactions among DEADPOOL fans on how the character was potrayed in the movie - hopefully there'll be a spin-off movie on Deadpool with Ryan Raynolds reprising the role. But the scene where he sliced the bullet with his sword was awesome

SILVERFOX (known as Kayla in the movie) had a different power in the movie - instead of possessing healing powers and age suppressant (much like Wolverine), she had the powers of persuasion in the movie

AGENT ZERO's (originally known as Maverick) character should have been developed more - the movie only showed him as an extraordinary (and very cool) marksman but did not venture into his mutant abilities (which are kinetic absorption and blasts)

BOLT (known as Bradley in the movie) was actually very close to Maverick in the comics but this was not shown in the movie... Bolt idolises Maverick so much that when the original Maverick (Agent Zero) dissapeared and belived to be dead, he took the Maverick alias for himself

I have no clue why Will.I.Am was casted to play JOHN WRAITH - he's a singer, not an actor. Anyway, Wraith (or known as Kestrel) has a cool mutant ability of teleportation but the character was able to showcase it only on a few occassions... pity...

THE BLOB was never a member of Team-X so I can only assume that the reason he was in the movie was because the character may be included in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Magneto.
(Note: The Blob was one of the earlier member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which was founded and led by Magneto)


To me, GAMBIT was never suppose to appear in the movie - a classic case of the Venom Syndrome. To make things worse, the character was not potrayed cool & rugged enough... Gambit is not supposed to be clean-shaven people...

There was nothing in the review informing PROFESSOR CHARLES XAVIER making a brief appearance at the end of the movie - so I was pleasently surprised. A digitally 'de-aged' Patrick Stewart reprised the uncredited role. Prof. X's cameo probably intended as a teaser to the upcoming X-Men Origins: First Class

I never expected SCOTT SUMMERS / CYCLOPS to make an appearance in a movie about Wolverine's origins but then again, his cameo is probably to connect this movie to the upcoming X-Men Origins: First Class seeing that Cyclops was the first X-Man

In the movie, EMMA FROST (also known as White Queen) is Kayla's (Silverfox) sister. Another cameo to introduce the character intended to come out in X-Men Origins: First Class. Interesting to note that when Emma Frost joined the X-Men, she instigated an affair with Scott Summers (Cyclops),who was having marital difficulties with Jean Grey - was the movie giving out hints during the scene where Frost and Summers working together to escape from Styker's captivity...?

I'm just assuming that based on the purple streak on their hairs and the face resemblances, that the girls are PSYLOCKE (or Betsy) and REVANCHE (or Kwannon)

A strap over the mouth, the red-hair... a teenage BANSHEE..?


I'm 99% certain that this white-haired teen, who is restrained by the rubbery chains, is no other than the son of Magneto, QUICKSILVER. Since Quicksilver is one of the original members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, I'm certain that this character will be featured in X-Men Origins: Magneto

There are some who say Quickilver's twin sister, the SCARLETT WITCH, is also featured in the movie. After all the 'pausing, rewinding and slow-motion', the only indication of Scarlett Witch is a red-haired girl caged next to Quicksilver. Well, it could be her seeing that she's also the original member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Magneto's daughter - quite an important role for X-Men Origins: Magneto

MASTERMIND's (or Jason) mutant ability is illusion casting. He can psionically cause other people to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste things that do not actually exist. Mastermind was actually featured in X2 as Stryker's son (there is actually no connection between Mastermind and Stryker in the comics) and the character re-appeared this time around - a young Jason kept in ice by his father, Stryker. Mastermind is also one of the members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutant, so he may make a re-appearance again in X-Men Origins: Magneto

I enjoyed TOAD, who was played by Ray "Darth Maul" Park in the first X-Men movie. In this movie, his cameo is very brief - a caged teen with a toad-like tounge... but since he's the original member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, I bet he'll have more limelight in X-Men Origins: Magneto

I'm guessing that the whirlwind teen in the cage next to Quicksilver is RIPTIDE, whose ability is to spin his body at an incredibly fast rate, creating some sort of a mini tornado. Interesting to note that Riptide was recruited by Gambit to join the Marauders, a team of villain formed at the request of Mr. Sinister.


In the comics, when Wolverine was wandering the woods, he was discovered by JAMES and HEATHER HUDSON, a young couple honeymooning in the Rockies, who helped him regain his humanity. James Hudson is a superhero known as the GUARDIAN, the first leader and creator of the Canadian superhero team, ALPHA FLIGHT. When he perished in the midst of battle, his wife Heather Hudson, VINDICATOR, took the reigns of leadership after his death. In the movie, Wolverine, after escaping from The Facility, took refuge at the farm of an elderly couple known as Travis and Heather Hudson. So are these the same Hudsons...?


Special note: for those who left early, X-Men Origins: Wolverine had two versions of 'after-the-credit' scenes.

The first one featured Wolverine drinking shots of whiskey in a bar in Japan. The bartender asks him if he’s American, to which Wolverine replies “Canadian…I think.” She asks if he’s drinking to forget. “I’m drinking to remember” he says.
This is huge indication of an origin sequel.

The second scene features Deadpool’s arm reaching out from the rubble to find his decapitated head. The eyes pop open and with his, now open, mouth he looks at the camera and says “Ssssh...”

Friday, June 12, 2009

“Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world”

I don't always tell you
How much joy you bring
It means more to me
Than anything

I don't always tell you
That the love you give
Brightens every day
That I live

I don't always tell you
What's in my heart
That you are the most
Important part

I don't always thank you
For the many things you do
Or tell you how much
I really love you

Happy Birthday, Dear!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Looking Forward

Currently I am looking forward for these ...

(1) To have this person 24/7 by my side soon. Dearest Hubby, welcome home! *The PJJ title would no longer be applicable to us.*

(2) This Lil girl a.k.a my Lil Niece will be coming back this Saturday for a week. Can't wait!

(3) Most of all, can't wait to welcome our bundle of joy soon!

I am currently 35 weeks!

How time flies!


*Excited & Happy modes are now activated*