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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Our deepest condolences to the family members of everyone on board #QZ8501 (and also to #MH370 & #MH17). Al Fatihah for all Muslim passengers / crew of the unfortunate flights. We pray that Allah gives the utmost strength to the families of the victims.

To Allah we shall belong and to Him we shall return.

Our prayer also to those flood victims in Pantai Timur. Semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan.

Innalillahi Waina Hirojiun.

*2014 – a tough year for all Malaysian.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

BBW 2014 Second Trip

I love books. I wish I can have a small library at my place so I could arrange all my books there together with a reading space. I love to buy books at a cheaper price and that explains why I love to go to the Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Books Sale. Haha!

My first trip was during its opening day (5th December, 2014) together with my husband and my lil darlings. They also love books as much as I do. I would rather spend my money on their books rather than on their toys. Hehe. During my 1st trip we were quite in hurry as we wanted to go back to KT on the same day. When we were on the road trip going back to KT, I told hubby that I’d love to make another trip soon to BBW without the kids so that I will have enough time to buy books. He was so supportive with the idea and asked me to book flight tickets the day after. He even volunteered to have bonding session with our lil darlings so I could have my ‘me-time’ during my solo trip to KL. Fast forward, I haven’t bought the flight tickets when hubby asked me to do so since Sunday morning as I was not sure whether I could do it on my own; I mean - to go to KL alone without my husband and my daughters; leave the kids with husband as he is quite busy during the weekdays with work and classes; the journey to BBW alone, does it worth by leaving my family? and etc. So many questions and answers need to be considered. Haha. Yes, I am that paranoid.

So came Tuesday morning, no plan has been commenced despite hubby told me to do so and the bad news was: the flight ticket fares had increased! *cries* Hubby had to use his persuasive power over me and that morning, I did my online flight tickets booking with hubby on the phone to give details of his credit card as he was the one who wanted to treat his paranoid wife. Haha. After booking had been made, I contacted my primary school friend, Nadia and asked her to join me at the BBW as I wanted to order some cream puffs. She agreed. So yeay! A week before that, Masz (my best friend from secondary school) and I were whatsapp-ing each other and we were planning to see each other when the time permits (we had to cancel a few meet ups in KT, Kuantan, KL etc and considered them as ‘tak ada jodoh’ as our last meeting was during I was pregnant with Khayra i.e 5 years ago).

So when the day has arrived, on Friday, 12th December, 2014 – I woke up with mixed feelings – excited as I will have my ‘me time’ soon and on the other hand, I was quite nervous. Oh, FYI it was only a day trip to KL but yeah, still caused me to have a nightmare before I proceeded with the bookings. Hewhewhew. I was more than excited before boarding the flight when Masz had confirmed that she will be meeting me at the airport during that day. *star jump*

I reached Subang airport at 9.40am, took a taxi to Mines (costs me RM46 – I just wanted to be there early) and I did gave all information about the taxi’s driver to my hubby; the driver’s name, IC and plate number. Bahaha, such a drama queen this paranoid wife! Hehehe.

The taxi dropped me off at the nearest entrance to the BBW hall and I reached there at 10.30am (about less than half an hour from Subang airport). Felt excited the moment I reached the main hall. Hahahahaha. Met Nadia at 12pm and we went out from Mines to have our lunch in Bangi. Total damage at BBW : RM187.00. Managed to grab a few activity books for the kids (price range between RM3 – RM10), 1000+ sticker set (reduced to RM5 only per box), Chicken Soup for the Soul (price range from RM3 – RM10), a plaque poster to hubby, Disney Junior Playtime Story Pack (Mickey and friend, Doc McStuffins, Jack and Never Land Pirates) & Dora and Friends Story pack (RM16 in which each consists of 8 mini story books), Dora numbers flash cards (RM6), Cinderella / Sleeping Beauty / Rapunzel and Snow White & the Seven Dwarf story books at RM2 each, Kisah Sahabat Nabi (RM2 each), Treasury of Wit & Wisdom (RM8), Barbie Book Stand (RM20), Magnetic Dressing Up Fairies and Princesses (RM8 each) etc. Good bargain yo! 

Book Chair *drool*

My (first) 12-hour solo trip

My #BBWstash

After performing our Zuhur prayer, Nadia dropped me off at Bandar Tasik Selatan (BTS) ERL (cost: RM26) (with her signature cream puffs – so fluffy and delicious : please order yours from her (iG : nadiadessert) and I went straight to KLIA2 to meet Masz at 4pm. Waited for Masz at Toys R Us and managed to do a quick shopping for my lil darlings. Hehe. Met Masz at 4.15pm and we headed to Papparich. It was nice to meet Masz after an overdue meet up plans. So many things to catch up with her. We talked and laughed our hearts out and didn’t bother with people surroundings us. She accompanied me until I board the plane. Hope can see you later again Masz! Thanks for your time that day :)

I managed to performed Maghrib and Isyak prayers before boarding the plane and came home safely to my dearest husband and daughters. The best 12 hours of my ‘me time’ that day.

Thank you, hubby for your permission, your treat and your time with our lil darlings! *kisses*

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Two Lil Munchkins

Penyayang sangat Kakak Khayra ni. Sayang (campur geram, of course) Adik Hafiya!

Semoga ikatan kasih sayang Khayra dan Hafiya ini dibawa sehingga ke Syurga. Amin.

Ibu dan Abah.

Monday, December 8, 2014

KL Trip and BBW2014

We just got back from KL trip.

Dato’ Boss bagi cuti hari Khamis sebab ada firm trip to Melaka and Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. We didn’t join the trip sebab hubs ada kes kat KL on Thursday, so ambil cuti on Wednesday, terus dapat straight Selasa – Jumaat di KL.

Everywhere is on S-A-L-E in KL (Christmas sale / Year End Sale). I wish money can grow on tree. Teehee. We managed to go to One Utama dan Sogo kejap for a quick shopping, had dinner at Group Base (reminiscing memory masa hubs was staying in Damansara and working at B*NM) and went to Coliseum Cafe at PJ for Mama’s birthday dinner. We went to Big Bad Wolf (BBW) book sale (#bbw2014) during its opening day and went crazehhh over there. Managed to meet Zmah and family at BBW as we planned to meet for a while kat BBW untuk shopping books together sebab tak sempat nak lepak as this time was a short trip to KL (too bad Linda could not join us sebab ada wedding kat Kedah). Orang cakap, jumpa melepas rindu. Ececece.

Started our journey back to KT at 4.30pm after Asar prayer, made a pit stop at Mesra Mall as Khayra wanted to watch either Big Hero 6 or Penguins of Madagascar as we didn’t manage to catch a movie in KL for this trip. We settled for Penguins of Madagascar sebab sampai lewat sikit from show time of Big Hero 6. Then teruskan perjalanan ke KT. Sampai KT I did the unpacking things, laundry etc and sleep at 3am. Fuhh. Nasib baik the next day still cuti. 

So these are our catch at BBW. Cheap books are rocks! Murah sangat, even yang Dora collection tu pun murah (just RM3) dari previous years (been collecting them for Khayra and Hafiya – previous years they sold them at RM5). Found the Ready-To-Read Dora books collection (Level 1 / 6 pieces per pack) last 2 years but this year they sell it on loose (RM6 per piece) so kena mencari juga to cukupkan all the titles. I personally think the Ready-To-Read Dora series book is good for her age and kids would enjoy reading them. I’ve never come across these series kat kedai buku, so it is a good investment sebab Hafiya pun suka Dora just like her big sister. Hehe. Buku Kisah para Nabi tu pun murah, RM2 per piece / title. Syoklah kami borong.

I hope BBW boleh buat kat KT juga macam kat the other states yang diorang jelajah. Please Wolf, come over to KT, pretty please! :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hafiya Reads - Things Around Us

I have a problem to upload this video on Instagram though. Hmmp, before I lost the clip, I think I want to share it right here for our memory J

Hafiya – reading a book J
(This video was taken on 19.09.2014 – a month before she turned 2 years old). 

The Scenes

We were having our dinner together with my PIL last night at a restaurant when suddenly we heard a sound of vehicle’s brake and I noticed a black object melantun di tengah jalan. The restaurant was located next to a straight road heading to a main road. Tiba-tiba orang ramai berkerumun to see what has happened and my husband joined the crowd. Suddenly nampak ada seorang bapa mendukung seorang anak kecil sambil menangis and said:

(in Terengganu’s dialect) “Bakpe orang buat ke anok ambe gini. Bakpe, bakpe bakpe…”

I could clearly see in front of my eyes these following scenarios:

A father tengah merintih menangis mengenang nasib diri anak kecilnya.
A little boy (he was unconscious) sedang didukung oleh bapanya yang menangis.
The face of the little boy yang tenang tapi tidak sedarkan diri dan terkulai sebegitu. 
The crowd trying to help and advising the father to take the little boy to the hospital right away.
The way of the father was carrying the unconscious boy, with his sad face, his lost of direction, his tears and his whimpers.

couldn't sleep well last night because of this (even though I did not see the actual accident scene). The above scenes were playing repeatedly inside my head. My FIL was also in teary eyes. Khayra became upset and wanted to sleep with us last night.

Too sad and I just couldn't imagine how the father’s reaction after this, how about the little boy’s condition and how about the driver’s of the FWD take this?

Please Allah, protect all of us. 

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.