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Sunday, January 29, 2012

K for Khayra

Khayra now reads her A-B-C via her alphabet play mats.
Khayra: (Pointing at the alphabet play mats) 
K for Khayra, W for Wahida, H for Hazri, 
R for Rabbit, C for Cat, A for Apple, B for Bear.
Ibu, Mimouse (Minnie Mouse)? (Showing her Minnie Mouse)
Me      : M for Minnie Mouse.
Khayra: M! (Repeated after me while putting her Minnie Mouse on the letter M)
Hubby : (Testing) Khayra, W for Hazri, kan?
Khayra: Taklah, Abah. W for Ibu – Wahida.
Hubby : No. W for Abah, Hazri.
Khayra: Takkk. Ibuuuu, lah!
Hubby : OKlahhhh. (Surrender)
Khayra: (Smiling)

Her favourite songs in the car right now : Sifat-Sifat Allah (Khayra will ask for “Qidam-Baqa-Song”) and 10 Malaikat (she pronounces it as “Maikat”) by Raihan. Hubs bought it 2 weeks ago and she will ask for “Qidam-Baqa-Song” or sometimes she refers it as “Number 5” as the song is on Track #5 and “Maikat Song” bila naik kereta. Punyalah pasang hari-hari sampai ingat track nombor berapa lagu apa. Hihi. Khayra cuba menghafal sebenarnya. Doakan anak saya, ya? :D

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Play School Day 1 - Khayra

Alhamdulillah, these are what Khayra have told us – regarding her new play school and her reaction towards going to school on Day 2 this morning (via my Twitter updates) :

Happy I am! :D

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Khayra - New Play School 2012

It seems just like yesterday I went alone to send Khayra to her first (play) school in early 2011. I remember I cried after sending her to school and I can’t wait to fetch her up from school. After 2 months of sending her to school, I discovered she has learnt a lot and she was good at teaching skills (still make me laugh until now when I read / look at the pictures :P).

This year we have enrolled Khayra into a new play school. Not that her previous school has done something wrong tapi kami dah jatuh hati pada this one play school based on its input. This new play school offers iqra’, science, more to development skills, do-it-yourself method and offers English medium education. It has Parents’ Day and Ihtifal Day (concert / presentation day) which I like the most. Teehee. There are several classes according to the age group with less than 15 kids per class (Khayra will be in the Play Group class) with 3 Teachers and maids to assist and all kids will have to attend assembly every morning untuk pengisian rohani. Yang paling ‘best’ Ibu dan Abah kena hantar Khayra awal pagi at 8.20am (sebelum ini school lama hantar at 9.00am). Hihi.

We went to send her together this morning to her new school. With her wearing her school uniform and without wearing diaper, we have in fact already potty trained her and so far she will tell us whenever she wants to shi-shi (pee) and will ask for diaper whenever she wants to poo-poo (haha!). Sebenarnya dah cakap awal-awal yang Khayra akan masuk new school dan usually dia akan sambung, “ada kawan-kawan baru, Teachers baru..” so we taught she would be ready to face it. She was kinda excited bila pakai uniform baru and bergaya sakan when we took her pictures untuk tatapan her grandparents.

At the moment sampai school baru, Khayra OK saja. We talked to her teacher, hantar masuk ke tempat assembly but the moment teacher nak ambil Khayra, she cried. Hubby told me she will be OK then kitorang terus ke kereta. I didn’t cry maybe sebab hantar berdua dengan Suami, jadi tabahlah sikit. Heh. We hope she is doing fine at her new school. Amin.

Now, I really can’t wait to fetch her from school and dengar cerita dari Si Kenit! Pasti banyak! :P