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Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 : Father's Day!

Dear Abah,

Thank you for taking care of all my needs, thank you for always be there when Ibu and I needed you the most, thank you for all your support.
When Ibu is not feeling well as she is pregnant with Adik, you are my hero;
Of taking care my meal and making my milk when I am hungry,
Of washing me up when I pooped or shi-shi,
Of holding me up and carrying me when I'm too lazy or tired to walk or whenever I want to be just a little daddy’s girl,
Of calming me down when I throwing my tantrums,
Of waking in the middle of nights when I am not feeling well,
Of washing my clothes, folding and keeping them nicely,
Of tidying our house including scrubbing the toilets and turning it into a beautiful place for us to stay,
Of working diligently to earn more money to our little family so that we could go for another vacation together,

And of all other unmentioned tasks you did for me and Ibu (and for my little Adik in Ibu's tummy), 

Thank you for LOVING us that much.

Thank you for everything, thank you for being my amazing Abah and thank you for always be my hero.

Happy Father's Day, Abah!

Love you so much!

Khayra Hazri

[With Ibu's help, :P]

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June - Turning 30!

A gift, with a kind countenance is a double present. - Thomas Fuller

Its June 2012 already and today is my birthday! Kebanyakan yang wish, akan ada terselit ucapan “Welcome to 3-series”. Whatever. Haha. Tahu tak, apa yang ditunggu-tunggu menjelang hari lahir sejak berkahwin? Birthday card from my dear Husband. Yeah, I’m just a simple girl (girl? Haha!). If ada orang tak sabar tunggu present etc., aku tak sabar nak baca birthday card from my dearest Hubby. 

I did that first thing in the morning today and as expected, I cried when I read his card. Memang tiap-tiap kali dapat apa-apa kad dari Husband, aku nangis bila habis baca. If you know my husband very well, you will know the loveliness of his writing, the best poem that I’ve ever read yang dia composed sendiri, lirik lagu dia tulis, etc. I bet if he writes a blog, orang akan jatuh cinta kot dengan penulisan dia. Knowing him, dia tak suka share his writings to public hence I get the exclusive rights over it. Yippee!

We already had an early birthday dinner; Hubby’s treat last 3 days plus the present hunting. I received a lot of notifications, SMSes, phone calls, birthday cards, cash money etc for my birthday and I guess it’s not that bad of turning 30, huh? I am so blessed and I couldn’t ask for more. Alhamdulillah!

As to date, I’m entering my 5-months of (second) pregnancy; feel so heavy, still lethargic here and there and ‘miss’ nausea is still my best friend. Huhu. Tapi syukur sangat I still manage to go to work everyday (only took 1-day of MC so far), wake up early in the morning feeling fresh, manage to get Khayra’s ready to school everyday and make a simple breakfast sometimes (still no proper cooking so far sebab tak tahan bau). Hehe.

There’s a lot to update on Khayra’s progress but I’m too occupied with work (Alhamdulillah, new portfolios are coming in. Rezeki baby, insyaAllah) and fighting over my (pregnancy) hormone nowadays. Haha. So far she could recite surah Al-Fatihah, Surah Al-Ikhlas, doa makan, doa habis makan, doa tidur, doa untuk ibu bapa, doa masuk toilet, a bit of Asma Ul Husna etc. She knows and recognized alphabets, numbers, colours and shapes. She still likes to sing, be it nasyid, nursery rhymes, lagu rakyat, lagu-lagu yang berputaran diradio and the latest, dia suka nyanyi lagu “Untuk Dia” Sleeq Feat Najwa Latiff (where I have to Google tajuk dan penyanyi. Heh). Haha. Now, she insists and would like us to call her “Kakak Khayra”. When people asked why, she will say: “Sebab Khayra dah nak jadi Biggg Sister” (dengan nada seronok). Haha.

So that’s all for now. Doakan kami ya. Terima kasih atas ucapan dan doa-doa kalian. Really made my day! :)