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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lil Updates on Lil One


Some updates on our Lil Darling who will be 6 months-old soon (on 01.01.2010) [Setengah tahun dah? Sekejapnya masa!] Here is a list of her progress so far:-

1. She started to smile when she was 2 days old!

2. Tanggal pusat when she was 5 days-old. [Tidur meniarap since then].

3. Boleh pusing kepala sendiri (to the left/right side) ketika tidur meniarap when she was 10 days-old.

4. We believed that Lil Darling started ‘crawling’ during her nap when she was 18 days-old. Haha. Time Ibu check Khayra mula-mula tidur menegak, check sekali lagi dah melintang dah dalam baby cot dia.

5. She says the word (sounds like) ‘naakk’ whenever she is hungry when she was 30 days-old.

6. First potong kuku (with Tok Abah) when she was 42 days-old. (Kuku Khayra tak panjang-panjang since lahir!)

7. She started to turn to her side by herself and meniarap exactly when she was 4 months-old.

8. Two weeks later she was able to turn 360 degrees and made her ‘journey’ dari Utara ke Selatan, Timur ke Barat secara berpusing. Heh.

9. Lil Darling pegang botol susu sendiri when she was 5 months-old.

10. Since last week (when she was 5 months and 2 weeks-old), Lil Darling called me ‘Mam-ma’ instead of ‘I-bu’ – According to Umi, Khayra would only shout out the word ‘Mam-ma’ if I’m around her.