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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Long Silence and Good News

#I wrote this in my handphone notes to publish in this blog but unable to do so in the nearest of time until my confinement days. Teehee :P 

(Oh, did I tell you anything about our 3rd bundle of joy? Will write on this later, I promise).

13.06.2017 | 18 Ramadhan 1438H

I only asked pizza for berbuka since yesterday was my birthday, but my hubs booked a hotel buffet berbuka instead (and invited my parents, my brother and my best friends to join us);

I pray that my firstborn would get at least top 5 for her mid term exam, but she got an excellent result that made us proud;

I hope that Dato' Boss will consider my half day working plan as recommended by my gynae due to my health issue, but he suggested for me to come to the office whenever I have appointment with clients only and can work from home for 3 months instead;

I only imagine to have sahur at PIL's house due to my condition, but both of my parents and PIL invited us for berbuka AND sahur everyday with them;

I hope to give birth to our third child after Hari Raya, but insyaAllah we will see our baby at the nearest time;

And with that, I am forever grateful to Allah for everything :D

Happy (belated) birthday to me (yesterday)!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hello, 2017!

Hello, 2017! A quick update before I forget everything.

K is now in Standard 2. How time flies. I still remember her smiling baby face when she was barely 3 months old and how she taught her dolls about ABC when she was 3 years old.

H is now entering the same kindy but in a new class with new classmates. There were 5 or 6 familiar faces from her previous class during 4yo. She talks a lot right now and a drama queen at home :P

My husband and I still working at the same firm. Nothing new to tell. Hehe.

I am a bit sleepy right now. Did not get a proper sleep since last few weeks. But I am all energetic during the day and quite melepek after the office hour ends. Heh.

Need to resume work. Tata!