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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mommies Group

Just a quick update!

ONE: Recently with the new routines I am quite free after sending out Hafiya to school and that means I will be at the office as early as at 8.00am – usually the second or third to arrive after my account clerk and my other colleague (read: my husband – haha!). So there is a new weekday’s routine i.e breakfast with other mommies (read: mommies to Khayra’s classmates) before office start. This also includes a lunch date with them.

TWO: One of the mommies had created a Whatsapp group during the transition week (yes, we clicked with each other that early!) for us to discuss on school matters. This is so so so helpful. Some of us have already known each other way before the group was established, like I’ve known Dhalia, Rania and Zara’s mothers 3 years ago.

THREE: We usually discussed on the Teacher’s pesanan penaja, our mission to decorate their classroom, their homework, things to bring like abacus for Maths, whether they need to wear sport's attire for gotong royong programme, latest news on current issue like dengue outbreak in Terengganu (that is so scary, nauzubillah), things like where to get the mosquito patch or repellent and other necessary and unnecessary things! Haha.

FOUR: As the kids will go to sleep as early as 8.30pm, I will have more time on my own after that (read: I can do so many things especially the house chores without any interruptions hehehe). But I will definitely go to bed before 11pm.

FIVE: I am (obviously) always looking forward for the weekend to arrive. Like every day, I pray that Thursday or any public holiday will come early. Haha. (Not helping as today is only SUNDAY. Sob)

SIX: I love to spend time with the other mommies – we actually understand each other better and it is a big relieve to know that I am not the only one who always wait for the weekend to arrive. And as a reminder that I am doing just fine. LOL! :P

Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Routines: Working Mom Dilemma #3

It has been several times that I tried to update my blog, pheww. It’s nearly a month we are in year 2016. How time flies. My weekday’s daily routine changed tremendously. Bahaha. In a good way, I hope.

Start my morning routine at 5.15am – the first one to wake up and the last one to go to bed; that would be my title at home (except that hubs sometimes staying up to finish his work or simply playing with PS4 or watching his favourite TV show teehee). Not complaining at all but I just wanna write down my new routine after having daughters who have entered a primary school and pre-kindy this year. Serious business, tehee.

As Subuh is a bit late nowadays, I will perform my Tahajjud and recite few pages of Al-Quran first. Next, I will prepare their bekal and breakfast (I usually prepare different food for their bekal and breakfast) and in between, I will prepare their school uniforms and clean up the kitchen. Then take my bath and perform Subuh prayer before wake them up.

“Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera ke atas Khayra and Hafiya” – that’s how I wake them up. I always end up nyanyi lagu Faizal Tahir; “Assalamualaikum dunia, lihatlah semua..” Lyric of a song that stuck in my head masa pagi-pagi.

Next, we (yes, together with my hubs) will get the kids ready for school, eat their breakfast, prepare milk for Hafiya and we will also get dressed for work. By 7am, hubs usually will leave the house with Khayra first. I will do some ironing of the kids’ uniform for the next day use (except on Sunday as I already did that during weekend). I will usually leave the house at 7.20am.

After sending out Hafiya to school (which is before 8am), I will go either straight to the firm or join hubby or join my friends for breakfast. I will fetch the kids at 5pm and will go home to prepare dinner or we just tapau-ed away. Hehe. When I reached home, I will unpack their bags, cleaned up their bekal, checked on their time table for tomorrow, basuh dan sental baju sekolah (yes, I hand washed their school uniform sebab baru puas hati), make sure their bags are ready for tomorrow, getting them to bathe, checking out on their homework, doing revision with them, preparing for our dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, menyapu, doing the laundry if any, mop the whole house twice a week pheww tak larat nak tulis everything in here haha. But they will go to bed at 8.45pm and there will be a quiet moment to recite / hear surah pilihan before tidur. Before they sleep, they usually will say without fail, “Good night ibu and abah, I love you” to both of us.

Last week was the first week after transition week and we were slowly trying to adapt these new routines into our daily lives. Work in the office has been piling up as we have a few State projects to handle and meetings to attend. It is quite tough to do all these alone, but thank you Allah for my husband who always lend his helping hands to me. Thank you to my daughters for always say thank you whenever I cook for the family, say sorry whenever they did wrong and by simply listen to our bebelan or nasihat when we are having meals together at home.  

To my darling daughters (and my beloved husband): I am sorry for those days that I had lost my anger, those days that I’ve scolded both of you because I was too tired and those days I just wanna be alone for 10 minutes - where I will end up cried in my solat or cried in silence just before I dozed off. Believe me, I was not proud of it and I've tried my very best to control everything so that we will have the best moments in life together. After all I am human being, I do have my weaknesses.

These new routines eventually gave big impact on me when I have totally forgotten Khayra’s music lesson yesterday T_______T until her teacher texted me to remind about her class! LOL :P Ended up we were late by an hour! That was NEVER happened to me for the last 3 years. Other incidents happened last night where Khayra woke up at 1am asking for water and Hafiya cried in her sleep and I tak sedar langsung! Husband attended to both of them last night and I only woke up when my alarm clock rang at 5.15am! Pheww. 

TOO TOO TIRED, I guess. Hehe.

I’d like to jot down a few tips for #notetomyself reminder but maybe in my next entry. Till then!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Primary and Pre Kindy 2016

School session for 2016 officially started on 3rd January, 2016. It marked as the day we sent our firstborn to a primary school. A briefing session by PK HEM, PIBG and Guru Besar and registration was held on 31st December, 2015 (tak perlu pakai school uniform tapi kids kena hadir sama). Buku teks dan buku aktiviti diagihkan pada hari yang sama. On the same day, kita dapat tahu on penempatan kelas dan kenal-kenal dengan Guru Darjah. OMG lama tak guna perkataan Guru Darjah. Teehee.

I applied for 2 days leave untuk settle dan hantar both Khayra and Hafiya to school. Punyalah berdebar takut ada drama. Kami siap pesan akan keluar TV kalau Kakak nangis nanti malu, satu Malaysia nampak. LOL!

We bought a pinafore sebab masa nak beli baju kurung sekolah, tak ada size Khayra and even the smallest cutting from KPrimary (tried a few from Canggih, Professor etc.) pun tak ada size yang fits her. Petite sangat, kamu anakku :P Tapi sebelum cari yang dah siap, kami dah siap tempah baju kurung sekolah Khayra kat tailor sebab memang dah foresee tak ada size. Kalau ada pun yang lebih kurang size tapi akan banyak nak kena nak alter potong sana sini, so better toiler made saja lah.  

During a briefing session

First day of primary school for Khayra :D

So on the 1st day, she wore a pinafore to school. I’ve checked with the school and they were allowed to wear a pinafore to school, but it was not that popular among the Malays in the school. She met her besties, Rania and Zara but they were in different classes. Dhalia, who used to be her classmate during 6yo in kindy, also in different class. She also met Umar but also in different class. Basically, there were none of familiar faces in her class. We were informed that Guru Besar made a few changes this year so there were top 3 classes for Standard One, followed by another 4 classes. Each class only had a maximum of 32 students compared to the previous year where there were up to 40 students in one class. Out of 270 applications to enter the school, there were only 220 students were accepted based on a qualifying exam they’ve sat in August, 2015. We were informed that only one class for Standard One for DLP (Dual Language Programme) and 1 class DLP for Standard Four.

So there was no drama at all during Khayra’s first day. Syabas, bettey! Haha. Pheww. It was a big relieved considering Khayra pernah menangis masa 1st day for kindergarten dulu. Haha. During the recess (9-10am), all parents were allowed to come to school for 2 weeks during ‘Minggu Transisi’, we sat together with her besties and their parents dan kami ajar juga cara-cara nak membeli di kantin in case of anything sebab dah sediakan bekal dari rumah. Then, kami tunjukkan toilets and few other places yang sekitar kelas. They must be in school by 7.30am and the gate will close at 7.40am. 

On the same day, after Khayra dah masuk kelas pukul 8.00pagi, kami ke Hafiya’s school untuk registration dan penempatan kelas. Back to Khayra’s school at 9.00am for their recess time. It was quite packed for us that day. Pheww. Both of them were coming home with me that day since I was on leave. Sempatlah merasa jadi SAHM kan? Tehehe.

Recess time with her bestie, Dhalia and Ibu's homemade bekal :D

So the next day (4th January, 2016), Khayra was so excited sebab nak jumpa kawan-kawan. She made new friends from her class (Damia and Batrisya) and during recess, she joined her besties Rania, Zara and Dhalia. It was good to know about this sebab kami dah kenal each other including their parents as well. Rasa selamat sikit. After sending Khayra to school, we went to send Hafiya to school. Ada drama pagi sebab Hafiya refused to wear the school uniform and claimed it was Kakak’s dress. The same kindy like Kakak, mestilah pakai uniform sama, kan? Haha. Kena lah pujuk sikit pagi tu. Heh. She was all good when we left the house, sent Kakak to her class, at the school compound and met new friends in class. 

At first, she refused to sit on the chair at her table in class, tapi lepas dah pujuk sikit, she was OK. Then, I slowly keluar dari kelas tanpa disedari but I did sent a signal to her teachers. Alhamdulillah, she did great and tak menangis langsung. Owh, my lil baby was so grown up. She just asked Teacher Nini, “Where is Ibu?” the minute I left her. Hehe. When I fetched Hafiya at 11.30am (school dismissed at 11.30am for the first week), she was all in her happy mood and later we went to fetch Khayra together.

Hafiya’s first day of pre kindy :D

Khayra with her besties, Rania and Zara – from playschool (3yo) to kindergarten to fardhu ain class to primary school :D

This photo was taken after their moms had breakfast together and went to check on them during recess time thereafter. Haha! They were finally be in the same DLP class starting 5th January, 2016. Alhamdulillah! 
(L-R: Dhalia, Rania, Khayra and Zara).

*For the record: I know Rania’s mom personally and we are quite closed since Khayra 3yo. I know Zara’s mom when Khayra and Zara (and Rania) in a playschool when they were 3yo and 4yo but lost contact after that. However Zara joined Khayra and Rania’s fardhu ain class, so they were back together since October last year. I only got to know Dhalia’s mom end of last year at their kindergarten since Dhalia and Khayra were in the same class i.e. Mrs. W's class.

Third day of school, hubs and I went to send the kids together and as expected (we had a discussion on this drama the night before, haha!), Hafiya cried a bit when we left her that morning. According to the teachers, she cried only for less than a minute and was back to her normal self but a bit shy. It was so not her, haha! All in all it was a good start for Hafiya. I was not on leave that day but I went to check on Khayra during her recess time and checked on Hafiya at transit. Everything was fine, syukur Alhamdulillah.

So that’s all for now.

I pray that Allah will protect both of Khayra and Hafiya (and all of us including our family, Ameen!) and I pray that Allah will always guide both of you in whatever you do. Ameen.