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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Work and Pleasure

Phew. Back in the office after 4-days leave is not pleasant at all. Haha! Ok, mari kita imbas apa yang berlaku sepanjang 4 hari tersebut:

Rabu (23.06.2010)

Masih berbolak balik dengan peguam saya mengenai keterangan yang bakal saya kemukakan di Mahkamah nanti. Inilah natijahnya bila lawyer vs lawyer. To sum it up peguam saya akhirnya akur dengan kehendak saya. Batuk + sore throat + tiada suara telah melanda saya.

Kami bertolak dari KT – Kemaman jam 6 petang dan berhenti untuk nappy change Khayra and dinner. Alhamdulillah Ummi turut serta sebab tahulah saya belum pernah tidur malam tanpa Khayra. Jadi Ummi yang akan jaga Khayra bila saya di Mahkamah nanti.

Khamis (24.06.2010)

Ke Kuantan jam 7.30 pagi dan tiba di Kuantan jam 8.15 pagi and headed to Court. Met my lawyer and went to Kopitiam for briefing after knowing that our case would be called afterwards.

1.00 noon – Court went well. Hubby decided to have ikan patin for lunch. Then we proceeded to M*aybank for a courtesy visit. We were lucky to meet Mr. Manager and after some times he invited and treated us for tea. Went back to Kemaman and there was a massive jam along the road.

My health condition did not get any better but my throat wasn't so sore after taking air limau suam 5 times that day.

Jumaat (25.06.2010)

Went to Kijal for Legal Aid and met fellow lawyers there and later had an early dinner with Cik Pah & Cik Tik at Kemaman.

After Maghrib’s prayer we proceeded to Swiss Garden Resort and Spa to meet Hubby's whole BNM colleagues including Ida Harniza. Had fun meeting all of them as Hubby’s former Director personally invited us for BBQ that night.

Khayra jadi celebrity that night sebab semua nak dukung dia tapi Khayra hanya pilih Uncle Shukri dan Aunty Id sahaja ya. Yang lain either dia geleng kepala, start mencebik or cried. Haha!

Hubby's former colleagues

Khayra dan Uncle Shukri
dan buat Hubby’s former colleagues jealous sebab Khayra ngam dengan Uncle Shukri. Haha!

Sabtu (26.06.2010)

Singgah Mesra Mall on our back home. Performed our Zuhur’s prayers, changed Khayra’s diaper and had our lunch at Burger King. Then kami ke membawa diri untuk bermain boling. Khayra jadi supporter kami, sambil Abah dan Ibu lawan boling, dia tepuk tangan gembira. Haha!

Lunch time!

Supporter for Abah & Ibu

All in all we had a great time! Weeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

1st Father's Day!


My Dearest Abah,

When I open my eyes this morning, Ibu said to me: “Today is Father’s Day, Sweetie. Let’s go and wish Abah.” I was still groggy but I had no choice to follow Ibu and hand over a card to Abah. Abah kissed me and kissed Ibu and said: “Thank you! My first Father’s day! Yeah!” Hehe.

Now ‘A Thank You List’ to my dearest Abah …

1. Thank you Abah for changing my diaper when I pee-pee or poo-poo or both simultaneously;

2. Thank you Abah for helping Ibu in the middle of night when I demand ask for my milk;

3. Thank you Abah for helping Ibu in the kitchen;

4. Thank you Abah for watching out for me when I am having my bubble bath;

5. Thank you Abah for putting me to sleep with your zikrullah;

6. Thank you Abah for taking me for jalan-jalan during your free time;

7. Thank you Abah for teaching me where my nose is and later asked me to ‘korek hidung’ (hahah!);

8. Thank you Abah for making me addicted to one of your favourite TV show: The Simpsons;

9. Thank you Abah for your kindness and your tolerance towards me;

10. Thank you Abah for EVERYTHING!

Ooohh, now I know why Ibu was super busy during the weekend and cooked special menus for lunch; it was for Father’s Day!

Menus :

1. Sayur campur. 2. Sotong bakar berempah.

3. Ikan sweet sour. 4. Ayam goreng kunyit.

*The initial plan was to invite PIL for lunch but they had to attend kenduri that day, so I just packed the foods and sent to their house :D

Abah, Happy Father’s Day!

I love you so much!



P/s: To Abah from Ibu with love - “I am so thankful that my Hubby is such a darling husband, helping me in many ways! Thank you Dearie! We love you!” (“,)