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Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 : Father's Day!

Dear Abah,

Thank you for taking care of all my needs, thank you for always be there when Ibu and I needed you the most, thank you for all your support.
When Ibu is not feeling well as she is pregnant with Adik, you are my hero;
Of taking care my meal and making my milk when I am hungry,
Of washing me up when I pooped or shi-shi,
Of holding me up and carrying me when I'm too lazy or tired to walk or whenever I want to be just a little daddy’s girl,
Of calming me down when I throwing my tantrums,
Of waking in the middle of nights when I am not feeling well,
Of washing my clothes, folding and keeping them nicely,
Of tidying our house including scrubbing the toilets and turning it into a beautiful place for us to stay,
Of working diligently to earn more money to our little family so that we could go for another vacation together,

And of all other unmentioned tasks you did for me and Ibu (and for my little Adik in Ibu's tummy), 

Thank you for LOVING us that much.

Thank you for everything, thank you for being my amazing Abah and thank you for always be my hero.

Happy Father's Day, Abah!

Love you so much!

Khayra Hazri

[With Ibu's help, :P]


baini said...


Abah Khayra said...

you're welcome sayang... terharunya....

grenlina said...

nice one. i pon terharu bace hazri ;)