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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Birthdays and Exams

Today is Hafiya’s 5th birthday.

Happy birthday my Lil Darling, H! We love you no matter what. At this age, she is still not enjoying doing her homework alone (means, kena buat dengan ibu or abah, LOL!) and still a very manja girl despite of being an elder sister to Raisya, but sometimes she could be more independent from her elder sister, Khayra.

She enjoys reading story books, enjoys pretend play by being a little princess (Anna of Frozen, especially – LOL!) and enjoys having her big sister with her. Tak boleh berpisah dua orang ni tapi that doesn’t mean they are not having sister’s fight at all hehe.

We hope you’ll enjoy celebrating your birthday with your fellow friends and 
teachers at school today.

We celebrated Khayra's 8th birthday on 01.07.2017, during fasting month at my parents’ house as I was in my confinement (15 days). It was supposed to be Raisya’s EDD as well, but Raisya was born 2 weeks earlier than her EDD.

My daughters, my treasure.

This post is going to be random. I wanted to upload this photo as it was taken a day before my firstborn sat for her Arabic and Jawi Final Exams and we went to have an early dinner so that we could do a revision at night. To my surprised, she didn’t bring her Arabic books that day and causing ibu menjadi naga sekejap. Rasa nak pecah dada cos I already set that night for (last minute) revision. Kenalah berleter sekejap dengan ibu before she decided to go to sleep at 8.30pm (slaps forehead).

I asked my best friends to whatsapp the relevant pages of Arabic textbook to me (they were so helpful, thank God for these friends from heaven!) so that I’ll know what to revise with her, the next morning. The next morning, she just went through the WA messages in the car for 5 minutes on our way to send her to school -_-

After the school break, she said to me,

“Ibu must be surprised with BA result. Kakak pun terkejut.”

I prayed that the results were not that bad. No D or E, pretty please.

“Okay, I can’t wait to see your result.” (Nope. Deep inside I was running out of oxygen)

She showed her paper to me with her sad face. I cringed inside.

I saw her marks – 



That was a big relieved. Instead, I was a proud mom. Alhamdulillah.

She smiled to me and wanted to tell her abah rightly. I let her to leave voice message and snapped her result to send to her father. 

On the other part, I was feeling guilty because I was mad at her after knowing she didn’t bring her books back home for revision and in returned, she got this excellent result.

I am so sorry, K. I hope when you read this, please know that my reaction was due to a normal-stressful-mom-during-exam-week-syndrome. All the best for you for the upcoming Final Exam next week. 

My prayers are always with you.

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