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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Work From Home

Vivy Yusof wrote in her blog that “there is no such thing as working from home.” I agree with that.

When I became a mother, plus minus about 6 years ago – I hardly ever brought my work back home or tried to work from home or go to the office during weekend. Kalau adapun, bawa je balik tapi tak buat pun UNLESS memang tahu sangat sangat sangat urgent dan tak sempat nak buat esok maka terpaksalah mengagahi mata to stay up late – untuk buat kerja atau datang office sekejap during weekend.

Tapi saya hanya pilih buat kerja dirumah bila anak-anak tidur sahaja. THAT’S IT.

My own reasons?

1. Anak-anak waktu kecilnya hanya sekali dan bila mereka sangat memerlukan kita semasa kecil ini, kita perlu ada for them. I will not trade this moment dengan siapkan bundle of work yang memang setiap hari takkan habis.

2. We have been working from 9am – 5pm dan pada masa yang sama they are with their teachers / caretakers – then balik rumah is the only time that we have with them. Kena betul-betul hargai masa kita dengan anak-anak. Kadang saya rasa guilty juga kalau tak dapat duduk lama dengan mereka – as I have to prepare for dinner, kemas dapur, basuh baju dan kemas rumah (and husband is so kind to help me with all these house chores!) Syukur.

3. My children will sleep at 9.00pm every school / working day, so I only have a few hours with them at home after fetching them from their respective daycare. (Fakta yang paling pedih untuk dihadam oleh saya as a full time working mom).

4. I feel so grateful when my children are still recognize me and even want to go home with me every time I fetch them from their respective daycare; knowing that they spend whole day with other persons other than their own parents. *nangis* *fakta menikam kalbu*

5. I choose to work – therefore I have to juggle between my own working time in the office and time that I spend with my kids at home. The keyword here is: organize.

6. I try my best to spend quality time with them during weekend and I think vacation is the most needed thing for us. Teeheee.

7. The other day I was on MC but being a mom what did I do at home? – I cooked for breakfast, lunch (hubby came home during lunch hour and that was great as I was not having my lunch alone!) and dinner, I did the laundry, cleaned the whole house, fetched Khayra and Hafiya from school, had reading time with them and joined them to play with their figurine toys. Lepas tu terus sembuh, alhamdulillah. 

Hashtag: #SAHMinmydreams

As being referred in the matter number 7 hereinabove :P

What I really want to tell here is that: I totally cannot manage with work from home - failed big time!

My children, my treasure.


ibuwijioya said... "bring back work"..mcm aku hanya 3 hours quality time during weekdays with the kids (6-9pm)hukhukhuk....

HW said...

Linda : Exception kalau terpaksa saja. Heheh.