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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mommies Group

Just a quick update!

ONE: Recently with the new routines I am quite free after sending out Hafiya to school and that means I will be at the office as early as at 8.00am – usually the second or third to arrive after my account clerk and my other colleague (read: my husband – haha!). So there is a new weekday’s routine i.e breakfast with other mommies (read: mommies to Khayra’s classmates) before office start. This also includes a lunch date with them.

TWO: One of the mommies had created a Whatsapp group during the transition week (yes, we clicked with each other that early!) for us to discuss on school matters. This is so so so helpful. Some of us have already known each other way before the group was established, like I’ve known Dhalia, Rania and Zara’s mothers 3 years ago.

THREE: We usually discussed on the Teacher’s pesanan penaja, our mission to decorate their classroom, their homework, things to bring like abacus for Maths, whether they need to wear sport's attire for gotong royong programme, latest news on current issue like dengue outbreak in Terengganu (that is so scary, nauzubillah), things like where to get the mosquito patch or repellent and other necessary and unnecessary things! Haha.

FOUR: As the kids will go to sleep as early as 8.30pm, I will have more time on my own after that (read: I can do so many things especially the house chores without any interruptions hehehe). But I will definitely go to bed before 11pm.

FIVE: I am (obviously) always looking forward for the weekend to arrive. Like every day, I pray that Thursday or any public holiday will come early. Haha. (Not helping as today is only SUNDAY. Sob)

SIX: I love to spend time with the other mommies – we actually understand each other better and it is a big relieve to know that I am not the only one who always wait for the weekend to arrive. And as a reminder that I am doing just fine. LOL! :P

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