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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Clingy Mom

I have never been sleeping alone at night without my babies ever since Khayra was born (that was 5 years ago). Back then, I will nurse them to sleep while they were babies and still BF. Being easy babies (syukur, Alhamdulillah), both of them will sleep throughout the night (STTN) when they were 40 days old and usually wake up only for feeding during Subuh or at 6.00 o’clock in the morning.  

My nature of work gives me flexible time and I could count with my fingers how many outstation cases / courses I need to attend in these 8 years of practicing (or in 5 years when I became a mom) and leaving my girl(s) behind. None of the cases / courses that I need to attend requires me to stay back or had to stay overnight leaving my girl(s) behind.

So when one of our biggest bank panels invited me for a 2D1N course on Islamic Banking at Kuantan during working days, I was happily told my husband that all of us can tag along and he can apply for a leave and stay with the girls at the hotel - while I attending the full day course and we can go out for dinner and shopping thereafter (yihaa!). Little did I know, that my husband had back to back trials during that week (sobs!). I became panic. It was impossible to bring along both girls when hubby will not be around as it was a full day course for 2 days and Kuantan is like 3 hours drive from KT (mayday! mayday!). After discussing all the possible ways and alternatives on this matter, we decided that I have to go alone and left my girls with my husband (huwaaa!). I cried literally even though that was the best option for us.

So on 28th – 30th May (I even remember the historical dates!); I drove to Kuantan with a heavy heart with my PA after sending my girls at their respective daycare centers (it was school holiday and that would be another hard reason for me to leave them at home. Tsk!). Khayra cried the night before I went to Kuantan and Adik Hafiya was still not understood why Ibu and her big sister were crying. Hahaha.

We had to go a day earlier to settle my case at Kuantan before going to the course on Islamic Banking. That was the FIRST TIME I sleep without my little girls being around me or in the same room or vicinity and so much drama before making that final decision. Hehehe. 
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We were on Skype at night and early in the morning before I left for the course and the girls seemed all fine while her Ibu can’t sleep at all thinking and missing them terribly. Haha. My darling husband always sent pictures of them of what they were doing / eating / wearing. Bahahaha. I could always trust my husband on this matter, I know. Thank you husband for taking a good care of them (love you long time!).
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So after an average of 30 hours (it was not even a complete 3 days away from my little girls! LOL!) being away from them, I safely came back home to this :

Melts my heart.

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