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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Alter Ego

Khayra and Hafiya both have their alter ego(s) *note the plural* hehehe. We first found them out when we were in Sydney, when Khayra was 4 years old and Hafiya at that time was only 6 months old. They hardly throwing tantrum (syukur pada-Mu Ya Allah), but kids are just being kids; they do have their cranky moods once in a while so in order to justify their crankiness, we give name to each of their alter ego when it takes place (this is Abah's idea, kids! Ahahaha).

1. The Hungry Jack

The name was given when we were back from Circular Quay and Khayra was a bit cranky. We just noticed that we didn’t have our lunch yet as our last meal was pancakes at Pancakes at The Rocks. So at Circular Quay when she was a bit cranky, we passed through the Hungry Jack restaurant to go back to our hotel as we planned to have lunch at Kasturi CafĂ©. After having our lunch, Khayra was back to her normal self. Bahahaha.

Another same situation occurred when we were at the Queen Victoria Building (QVB). You could see the difference when we took a picture before we entered QVB (before having our lunch inside the QVB) where Khayra was all moody and didn’t smile for the camera. But right after having our lunch at Laksa House, before we left QVB, we took another picture and she was all in her happy mood.

Hence, the name : The Hungry Jack. Hehehe.

2. The Sleepy John

This situation occurs when they have passed their nap time or do not sleep at all during day time; depending on their activities. Somehow this refers a lot to Hafiya as she will be cranky if she does not sleep during day time with us on weekend especially, as she has her daily routine of having a nap time at school.

So we will alert if she is cranky and does not having her nap time between 12 noon to 2pm, that’s The Sleeping John in her, not Hafiya herself. Hahahaha.

3. Mr. Gopal

We just found out this alter ego in our daughters. Come into sight when we just got back from long holiday / having long weekend and because of the post holiday withdrawal syndrome. Basically the first day to start back our usual routine of waking up in the morning, shower, solat, breakfast, go to school / work, back from school / work, playtime and activities, shower, dinner, bedtime; repeat.

The name derived from the word “guppa” – in Terengganu means mixed feelings (bercampur baur).

We realized this when we just got back from any vacation / long holiday, the girls will have these kind of mixed feelings to face the first day of our daily usual routine and … it goes to the parents as well. Bahahahah!

Whatever it is, we still love you so much, Khayra and Hafiya! *kisses*

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