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Monday, November 7, 2016

Day 6: Queenstown - Wanaka - Cromwell - Queenstown

DAY 6: 18.03.2016

“With age, comes wisdom. With travel, comes understanding”. – Sandra Lake

Hello! It has been quite some time from my last update. Sorry, banyak sangat halangan kononnya.

So we were we? Oh, still in Queenstown, NZ. So, today actually macam free and easy lah konsepnya. Since we were in NZ during autumn, kami nak bawa our parents to go for autumn colour scenery to look how beautiful NZ by road trip. Kami bangun awal as usual, makan breakfast together (nasi goreng, salad, roti with scrambled eggs, juice) then off for our road trip in NZ.

Kami memulakan perjalanan ke Wanaka (about 67.2km / 1 hour drive from Queenstown) melalui Crown Range and Cardrona Valley Road. From Wikipedia :

“Crown Range Road, a steep and windy route that climbs up through the Crown Range Mountains. Once you reach the summit (1076 metres above sea level), you can pull over to a small parking area and take in the views of Queenstown in the distance.”

Along the way, ada juga kami stop untuk bergambar dengan pemandangan yang indah. Kami tiba di Puzzling World, Wanaka at 10.30am and terus ke ticket counter.

Sementara tunggu ticket and toilet break, the kids pergi main dulu kat waiting lounge. Ada pelbagai permainan menguji minda dan menarik di sini.

Below is the Puzzling World entrance fee:

Great Maze
Illusion Rooms
Child (5-15 years)
> 5 FOC
Family Pass
(2 Adults + 2 Children)

Some of the pictures inside the Illusion Rooms at Puzzling World, Wanaka NZ:

Inside the Ames Room :D

Lil H was so interested with one of the sculpture sampai bergambar nak peluk! :P 

Our comment on Puzzling World: The 5 Illusion Rooms with sculpture, holograms and other visual trickery are so fun to explore! The Hall of Following Faces sangat unik.

We didn’t have the chance to drop by at Puzzling World during our first visit to NZ last year sebab mengejar masa for skydiving, so this time it is a must for us. Our parents also did enjoy the Puzzling World

The toilet (area) is so interesting, guys! Teehee :P

Toilet area at Puzzling World, Wanaka NZ

Some of the photos taken outside Illusion Rooms at Puzzling World, Wanaka. We didn’t take the chances to explore the Great Maze as no one was interested :P

Tok Abah and Hafiya in front of Puzzling World entrance :D

Next, after dah siap tour to all Illusion Rooms and other weird things inside, we went to buy some souvenirs and toilet break before continue our journey to Cromwell

Kami dah plan to have our lunch at Cromwell, so perjalanan from Wanaka took about 40 minutes (50km) via State Highway 6 (laluan berbeza dari masa kami datang from Queenstown). Along the way, kami stopped by a few tempat nak ambil gambar sebagaimana berikut:

Gambar wajib ketika berada di New Zealand :D

The best family picture that we managed to snap with two kids on tow :P 
(Not in the picture: Lil Bro as the photographer and my FIL)

We reached Cromwell just about time for lunch and parked our minibus near to i-Site before going for a family photo shot in front of the Cromwell’s famous town landmark i.e. the large fruits sculpture.

Trying to get a decent photo with my parents but this was the best result -___-

Next, we proceeded to have our lunch at Souvlaki & Kebab Grill – the one yang kami pernah singgah secara tak sengaja last year.

The best thing was that, our parents and my lil brother sangat enjoy their food and they came in big portion. Siap tapau sikit bawa balik nak makan kat Queenstown. Our lunch cost us about NZD90 that day. Souvlaki & Kebab Grill can be found at No. 65, The Mall, Central Otago, Cromwell, NZ. We met a retired couple from Malaysia at Cromwell and had a little friendly talk with them.

We continued our journey back to Queenstown via State Highway 6 (61km / 50 minutes) after having our lunch. 

Our next pit stop adalah membeli buah-buahan sekitar Cromwell and terus menuju ke Queenstown

We arrived at Skyline, Queenstown at about 4.30pm, beratur beli tickets and terus naik Gondola. 

Gondola ride – both of my mom and MIL were quite nervous actually, so Hazri and Hafiya went together with them .__.

We bought this photo (we were given a photo code to download this) of my hubs and Khayra on the chairlift to the Luge rides.

We bought 2 rounds of Luge rides and had so much fun like before. It was so awesome, guys! My lil brother and hubs bought another extra round and tried the adventurous track (Red Track) and they had fun. While we were busy with the Luge ride, our parents were busy doing souvenirs shopping at the Skyline Gift Store -__-;

Family photo again at the Luge area back to the Gondola site – taken by my brother. Last year punya gambar kelabu asap sebab sejuk and the camera was filled with wap sejuk. Kahkah!

We went back to Wakatipu House which was located only 10 minutes from Skyline Queenstown, had our dinner and did some packing sebab esoknya we had an early flight back to Sydney. Tsk, it was so hard to say goodbye to NZ (again!).

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