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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Working Mom Dilemma #3

It’s nearly 15 minutes to go for … our weekend! Weeee! *star jump* Thursday is the most awaited day for me as a full time working mom. You would understand this if you are a working mom who has to leave your children to a caretaker / maid / nursery / playschool.

Both of my daughters are now been to a new transit – a private school. Both of them seem very happy for these two days. I am more grateful if this change will make them happier. This private school caters for only closed friends’ children, so most of us know each other’s children. It provides for lunch, iqra’, fardhu ain, tea break, solat berjemaah (and emphasize on bacaan dalam solat), sunnah & hadis, activities and they do help with the kid’s homework. What makes me happy is that since it is a private school, they do not take more than 15 children. As a mom, we always want the best for our kids and pray that they will always be in safe hands.

So next week, our firstborn will sit for her final exam. All the best, to my Lil Darling K!

I’m going nowhere with today’s post but I feel like writing something here. Lately I discovered that I’m being a bit clumsy here and there. Like today, I almost hit a car in front me while waiting for the traffic lights; I spilled some water on the table few days back during our dinner; made a simple mistake when I booked online flight tickets (thank God for the prompt response from MAS! Their customer service is the best – they replied to my email within a few minutes after I emailed my inquiry on the mistake), made a silly mistake on some documentation for my legal work which caused me to redo the things (unnecessary work! Haish!), dropped my phone on the floor which caused the glass screen protector cracked and a few more that I can’t even remember. Oh Emm Gee, what’s wrong with me? I think I need a break. Or a holiday. Or a staycation. Or anything else other than having a normal routine. Teheee! The best overcome to my clumsiness. Yeah, right!


See you again.

My Lil Darlings who always have a special spot in my heart :D

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