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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day 7: Queenstown - Sydney

 DAY 7: 19.03.2016

“Travel is still the most intense mode of learning”. – Kevin Kelly.

We woke up early as usual and did last photography session inside Wakatipu House, had our quick breakfast (roti and telur), signed the Guest Book, kemas sikit-sikit and loaded our luggage inside the minibus. Our Jetstar flight to Sydney was scheduled at 9.40am and we left Wakatipu House at 7.15am.

Sampai kat airport, Hazri dropped us at the nearest departure gate, we took the trolleys and Hazri went to park the minibus at the designated area for Thriffty rental car at the parking lot. Next, we checked in, isi borang and we were good to go. Flight to Sydney from Queenstown took about 3 hours 25 minutes and most of us were dozed off inside the plane sebab bangun awal pagi. Teehee.

Checked in for Jetstar flight to Sydney

Love this photo so much! Macam cover album – haha! Taken by my brother at Sydney Airport sementara nak tunggu Mr. Mohamad ambil van dari parking area.

We arrived Sydney at 11.05 am and Mohamad was already waiting for us. We booked him to fetch us at the airport before we went to Queenstown. This time around, we booked a standard suite with 2 bedrooms and a standard king sized room at Valentine On George Hotel, Sydney. The hotel was apparently run by a Malaysian couple berasal from Perak. There was a Thai Halal restaurant connected to the hotel known as Time For Thai (which replaced the Kasturi Café – we had our lunch and dinner at Kasturi Café back in 2013). This hotel is located not far from University of Sydney, so kadang-kadang the receptionist diambil alih oleh students from Malaysia yang bekerja as a part time there (we had a chance to talk with one of the student yang bekerja part time di situ). 

Had our lunch at Time for Thai

Valentine On George Hotel, Sydney.

We had our lunch at Time for Thai (with big portions and delicious, some of the food had to be packed sebab banyak sangat), solat at our respective rooms and at about 3pm, we went to Paddy’s Market which was located about 5-7 minutes walk / 400m from our hotel. Aktiviti shopping ni tak payah cerita lah kan tapi all of us enjoyed habiskan duit AUD. Teehee. 

Paddy’s Market

Next, kami dropped by at Woolworths sekejap sebab terjumpa on the way balik ke hotel. For dinner, some of us still kenyang, so my father pergi tapau nasi goreng and roti canai at Time For Thai and makan dalam bilik masing-masing je. My father sangat suka with the hotel sebab dekat dengan restoran Halal yang makanan dia sedap and dekat dengan Paddy’s Market. Haha. He even said that next time kalau datang Sydney, he wanted to stay again at the hotel. Hehe. Semoga ada rezeki untuk kembali, amin! Since we booked the 2 bedroom suite with bath tub, the kids had fun playing with water.

We didn’t go out at night and just lepak around, packing and be ready for our next day long haul flight back to Malaysia. 

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