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Monday, May 30, 2011

Hati Cair Part V

Khayra is now 22 months dan dah banyak cakap since her 17 months.

We think we should teach her on manners since she could speak fluently (but depending on certain words, she would pronounce it on her own way tapi masih boleh difahami oleh kami).

Scene I

Home sweet home : Kitchen.

We were having our lunch and Khayra also had her lunch. Hubby finished first and looking at Khayra I thought she already finished her meal. I asked Khayra to go and wash her hands with Hubby as at that material time, I am still eating my lunch.

Ibu : Khayra, go and wash your hands with Abah.

Abah : Jom, Khayra.

Khayra : (Did not show any sign of leaving her high chair but kept on playing her plate with some left over rice in it) Main lagi sampai nasi tumpah ke lantai.

Ibu : Khayra, go and wash your hands!

Abah : Jom!

Khayra : Nanak (tanak), Abah. (Started to cry sebab Ibu nak jadi tarzan. Hehe)

Ibu : (Ambil Khayra & washed her hands while she was crying)

Abah : (Buat muka sad to Khayra)

Ibu : Khayra, go to Abah. Cakap apa to Abah?

Khayra : (Went to her Abah. Abah dukung. Tak menangis dah tapi sedu-sedu)

Ibu : Cakap apa kat Abah?

Khayra : (Diam)

Ibu : (Ambil penyapu nak sapu nasi tumpah atas lantai) Khayra, you are supposed to say something to Abah.

Khayra : (Diam) Sobbing.

Ibu : (Menyapu)

Suddenly …

Khayra : Sorry .. (and kissed Abah)

Ibu & Abah : (Senyum)

Khayra has learned to say ‘Sorry’ whenever she does something wrong.

Scene II

Home sweet home. Living hall.

I was lying down on the sofa & watching TV. Khayra was playing with her toys. Suddenly,

Khayra : Ibu, jom! Up! (Trying to show something to me)

Ibu : Why, sayang? I want to lay down here.

Khayra : Ibu, up!

Ibu : I want to sleep (buat-buat pejam mata. Hihi!)

Khayra : Ibu, please? (Sambil buat jari nombor satu)

Ibu : (Senyum & bingkas bangun) OK, jom!

Khayra : Yay yay!

Now, whenever she says ‘Please’ we will definitely oblige to her command! Haha :D

Scene III

At San Remo, Melbourne.
During Pelican feeding I told her that it’d be nice if the Pelicans could share their foods with each other. Back in Malaysia, Khayra was playing with her toys, Webbit & Dino. She was ‘feeding’ her toys with something then I heard,

Khayra : (To her toys) Share! Share lah!

Ibu : Khayra bagi apa kat Webbit & Dino?

Khayra : Fish!

Ibu : OK, so they have to share?

Khayra : A’ah! Pelicans share.

Haha, she learned by heart what did I say at Melbourne about Pelicans! Love you lah, Darling!



ibuwijdan said...

so sweet..mendengar kata si khayra yg bertambah2 nak book buat menantu..

Anonymous said...

hehe.. nice entry!

HW said...

Linda : Kah kah! :D

Bro : Thanks! :D