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Sunday, February 15, 2015


I have this love-hate relationship with SUN-DAYS. 

Spending 2 full days; 48 hours with your family during the weekend, having fun and spending quality time with your children from morning till night, listen to their bubbly voices, make some activities with them or just simply lepak-ing at your home-sweet-home = will most likely cause me a weekend withdrawal syndrome on most Sundays in my motherhood diary.

My Sunday will most likely (if I am not that busy):

+ Counting hours to go home to see my family;
+ Pray that no appointment with fussy client(s), pretty please?
+ Pray that no negotiation with difficult client(s), please?
+ Pray that the clock will strike 5pm in a blink of eye. Hehe.
+ Planning what’s for our dinner.

This morning, I scolded Khayra for not getting ready quickly lepas mandi. I have finished making her warm milo, sharpened her pencils and did some dishes but she was still not getting ready with her school uniform. So I scolded her and she cried. Her abah had to interfere and she stopped crying and ate her breakfast. She came to me and salam me before she went to school with her abah. I know, I shouldn't scold her and feel bad about that. I guess Mr. Gopal’ has overruled my Sunday morning today. *sigh*

I feel guilty for the whole day today. Make my Sunday even worst :(

I stare at the clock, it’s still 3.55pm walaupun rasa dah buat kerja lamaaaa dari pagi. Heh.

Lepas tu rasa insaf.

“Janganlah kamu bersedih, sesungguhnya Allah bersama kita.”
(Surah At Taubah : 40)

My father called and informed me that he has bought a large pizza for us.

A banker called and told me that we have secured a large amount of loan today and asked us to take the offer letter.


Please excuse my ranting today.

I just miss my little darlings. Sobs T________T

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